Naturally brewed to perfection

At 3 Horses, we use only the finest barley and water from carefully selected wells as the basis for our non-alcoholic malt beverages. Produced under the strict quality control of our brew masters in state-of-the-art German production facilities, 3 Horses undergoes a finely judged process of mashing, lautering and cooking. The result? Characteristically pronounced maltiness, superior quality and unparalleled refreshment.


About 3horses

Since its foundation almost 400 years ago in the Netherlands, 3 Horses has been a symbol of superior quality. The brand is recognized for its rich brewing heritage, unique maltiness, high standards and premium packaging.

our flavor's

Discover our refreshing range


Naturally brewed for a rich foam, golden colour and refreshing taste with a unique maltiness


The distinctive 3 Horses taste enhanced with the delicious sweetness of fresh strawberries


A highly refreshing combination of exotic pomegranate alongside all the goodness of malt


The malty refreshment of 3 Horses perfectly in balance with the sour-sweet taste of apples

Naturally brewed to perfection


Our hop farmers are specially chosen to guarantee that only the best hops are being used for our 3 Horses range of non-alcoholic malts. After all, it’s the hops that make our unparalleled flavours so deliciously refreshing.


Barley is the primary raw material used in brewing a malt. This ingredient contributes the colour and flavour of the final product so we ensure that we handpick only the best quality malts to create that crisp and distinctive taste.


As the main ingredient in producing non-alcoholic malt, water of perfect quality is our highest priority. We only use specific water sources that have been vetted and carefully selected to create the 3 Horses range.

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